Distributor Series: JW Medical Solutions

JW Medical Solutions is a husband and wife team specializing in urology, urodynamics, biopsies and other endo urological solutions. Although the company is relatively young, Joeri (co-founder) has established a solid reputation in the field of urodynamics over the past 20 years. With extensive knowledge, experience and dedication to fast, efficient after-sales service, the team provides state-of-the-art medical equipment to the Benelux region. Representing only technologically innovative manufacturers, Focal Healthcare is proud to work with JW Medical Solutions to improve the state of prostate cancer care.1

Prostate cancer (PCa) is a significant health concern in the Benelux region, as it is globally. Across the EU, prostate cancer incidence rates varied two fold and mortality rates threefold in 2020. Widespread unregulated screening and uneven implementation of effective early detection practices may account for these differences.2 Until recently, PSA screening in Europe was unorganized. It is considered ineffective as it can lead to overdiagnosis, without significantly decreasing mortality. On December 22, the Council of the European Union recommendation included prostate cancer to the list of diseases suitable for organized cancer screening. Before any official measures are taken, pilot programs will play an integral role to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of the screening program.3

Although it may take a while, the first pilot program PRAISE-U (Prostate Cancer Awareness in the European Union) was initiated April 1st 2023. The 3 year project will run pilot studies for 12 months between 25 institutions and across 12 countries. The project has 3 goals:

  1. Short Term (1-3yrs)- increase awareness of prostate cancer and improve population-based screening.
  2. Mid Term (4-9yr)- reduce costs by replacing ineffective screening with organized risk based screening
  3. Long Term (>10yr)- decrease the burden of prostate cancer by reducing late stage diagnosis and overall mortality rates

The overarching objective is to rationalize prostate cancer screening in Europe and ultimately improve patient outcomes. The project encourages clinics to take a personalized approach for the early detection of prostate cancer in patients who can benefit from early treatment.3

Evidence shows incorporating elements like risk stratification and MRI into screening programs can reduce individual mortality risk by up to 50%.2 As such, the European Association of Urology guidelines recommend a risk-adapted strategy for the early detection of prostate cancer and the use of MRI in local staging. The MRI results can change patient management, inform MRI-targeted biopsy and potentially focal therapy.4

Using a system like the Fusion Bx can help physicians implement more individualized strategies for managing prostate cancer. By integrating with third-party commercial diagnostic and/ or therapeutic devices, the Fusion Bx can be used for MRI-targeted biopsies and/ or specific needle placement in therapy. For biopsies, the Bx supports transrectal and transperineal approaches using the same equipment (no specialized hardware needed) and a simple 4-step guided workflow. Its compatibility with prostate MRI reading software, like Quantib® Prostate and Pi™, eases the radiologist’s workload and allows diagnoses to be delivered faster. The Fusion Bx also works with focal treatment devices like the Sonablate HIFU to create a complete end-to-end solution. Contact the team at JW Medical Solutions to learn more about the Fusion Bx.  

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