“Focal Healthcare was founded to fill the need for highly accurate, practical prostate cancer technology that is accessible to all urologists and their patients.”

- Chicuong La, President and CEO

Our Story

Focal Healthcare is based in Toronto, Ontario and was established in January 2014 by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Chicuong La. Prior to Focal, Dr. La was a key leader in three other early stage ventures: as the VP of Business Development and the COO of prostate imaging company Imagistx, formerly Exact Imaging, as the Business Development Manager at the world renowned medical imaging research center, Robarts Research Institute, and he also served as Managing Partner of Simulogic, a software company in applied medical research. 

Throughout his career, Chicuong realized that there were many inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and accessibility issues yet unaddressed in the field of prostate cancer care. Building upon his strong background in the field of medical imaging, Chicuong founded Focal Healthcare with the vision to develop best-in-class image-guidance technology that is accurate, efficient and accessible, thereby enabling better diagnosis and treatment for all prostate cancer patients.

Our Vision

“We are committed to improving the lives of prostate cancer patients and their families by producing world-class medical equipment”

– Chicuong La, President and CEO

We are always learning within every department and at every stage of development because we believe knowledge is power. Informed by a diverse range of perspectives, we continuously generate and implement meaningful insights to improve our technology, so that we may ultimately better the patient and physician experience, from prostate cancer diagnosis to treatment.

Our Mission

Prostate cancer will affect 1 in 7 men. The disease is widespread, but compared to other cancers, technology for accurate prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment is long overdue.

Dedicated to intelligent, targeted prostate cancer care, Focal Healthcare has developed an image-guidance platform that integrates with and augments commercial diagnostic and therapeutic devices. Thoughtfully engineered, our patented arm is coupled with easy to use software that provides accurate diagnostics to improve patient outcomes and minimize associated healthcare costs.

Our Values

From ideation to production, our values are at the heart of everything we do.

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Focal Healthcare strongly believes that people are its biggest asset. We aim to create a positive working environment where each individual feels empowered and impactful. It is through the unification of our diverse skill sets that we at Focal Healthcare can improve prostate cancer care technology.


At Focal Healthcare, candor is expected and encouraged from every employee. Fueled by honest feedback and evaluation, we can continue to learn, grow and innovate together as a company.
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A commitment to innovation is not for the faint of heart. Our mission to improve the field of prostate cancer care requires employees who have the endurance and ambition to never stop growing or learning. The ability to persevere and remain open to change is a key value of our company’s operations.

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