Quantib® Prostate Now Integrates with Focal Healthcare’s Fusion Bx

quantib prostate x FHC

Now compatible with the Fusion Bx, Quantib® Prostate is an FDA cleared and CE marked AI-based software that is here to make the growing workload of radiologists more manageable by streamlining the prostate MRI reading workflow. 

For the urologist, this could materialize in faster, and more accurate expert-level radiology reports

Why Do Radiologists Have More Work?

Recognized healthcare organizations like the European Association of Urology (EAU), American College of Radiology (ACR) and more recently, Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) have recommended the use of a pre-biopsy MRI for patients with an elevated risk of clinically significant prostate cancer. This is good news for patients, but the heavier workload can become a bottleneck that delays diagnosis and treatment.

how ai integrates with mri workflow
Visual representation of the current most common Prostate MRI reading workflow , adapted from Quantib (2021).

This is because the current prostate MRI reading workflow is lengthy, labor-intensive and requires substantial experience to master. Quantib® Prostate is an AI-driven software that can support radiologists in these time-intensive steps. In one workflow, the software includes all essential prostate MRI reading features and provides volumetry and segmentations of the prostate, automatic PSA density calculation, ROI segmentations of suspicious areas and visual PI-RADS v.2.1 scoring support. As a result, all segmentations and a complete and standardized report are exported to PACS (picture archiving and communication system).

How Does it Integrate with the Fusion Bx?

Fusion biopsy workflow with Quantib® Prostate

Much like our Fusion MR Viewer, Quantib® Prostate is used for reading and interpreting MRIs. The key difference is that, thanks to AI, Quantib® Prostate provides automatic prostate and one-click ROI segmentations that support the radiologist interpretation of the prostate MRI. Once radiologists finish and approve their interpretation, the output is a series of MR images, annotated with prostate and lesion contours, that are electronically stored and shared using PACS. The images are then accessed by the Fusion Bx and registered with live ultrasound for targeting.

Interoperability between systems is a big and well-known challenge in healthcare. This is why we are proud to announce that the output from Quantib® Prostate is compatible with the Fusion Bx! Together, our products make MRI-targeted biopsies more accessible to both physicians and patients. This integrated workflow has the potential to ease radiologists’ workload, to facilitate the implementation of recommended pathways and to improve patient outcomes. For more information on Quantib® Prostate and the Fusion Bx, contact us as [email protected]

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