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Compared to standard systematic biopsies, MRI-targeted fusion biopsies improve the detection of clinically significant prostate cancer. Studies have shown MRI can be a cost-effective and accurate first-line diagnostic tool for the early detection of prostate cancer. If the MRI is negative, patients may avoid biopsy, whereas positive results provide an action plan for biopsy and potential treatment. With improved accuracy in fewer cores, there is an opportunity to set a new standard of care with MRI-targeted biopsies. By integrating fusion, clinics will see more candidates for treatment and even higher revenues.

The number of potential candidates was estimated using data from 3 studies (Table 1) that included biopsy naive patients with a clinical suspicion of prostate cancer (PCa) to undergo a combination of MRI, TRUS standard biopsy (SB) and MRI-targeted biopsy (FBx).

Implementing the fusion technology has its upfront costs, but clinics will realize their investment during treatment. On average, about 64% of the positive fusion biopsy cases were followed by radical prostatectomy. Depending on the type of treatment and place of service, clinics could earn an additional $208k from treating just 20 more patients

Foregoing a standard biopsy after an MRI-targeted biopsy comes at the cost of missing 4% of clinically significant cancer, yet practicing standard biopsy alone can miss up to 30%. By adopting fusion, clinics could prevent up to 50% of biopsies, provide better patient care and ultimately see 20- 30% more candidates for treatment. 

Using a system like the Fusion Bx expedites the transition to fusion so clinics can provide meaningful results faster. With 6 degrees of freedom, the Fusion Bx supports transrectal, traditional transperineal and freehand transperineal approaches all using the same equipment. The intuitive workflow eases the learning curve by guiding physicians through the same 4 steps regardless of the approach. The counterbalance technology holds the probe steady in any position, so the physician doesn’t have to, and reduces the need for additional assistance. The Fusion Bx is an easy to use system that’s helping make fusion biopsies more accurate, efficient and accessible.    

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Table 1. Data from Selected Studies

* Estimates based on averaging results from MRI vs. Standard Care studies 1, 2, 3
** Estimated revenue includes facility fee and physician payment.

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