Improve Treatment Margins with the Fusion Bx and Unfold AI

avenda health unfold ai

What is Unfold AI?

Developed by Avenda Health, Unfold AI is an artificial intelligence based platform for mapping prostate cancer. By combining patient specific data (MRI, PSA, biopsy and pathology) and machine learning, the tool creates a personalized 3D heat map or Cancer Estimation Map (CEM), that shows the extent of the cancer. Compared to MRI alone, Unfold AI truly provides physician’s with a more accurate visualization of what’s going on inside the prostate. Given the full picture, physicians can make more informed decisions about the best approach to treatment. 

avenda health journey
Unfold AI Cancer Journey

Unfold AI helps physicians detect where all of the cancer is and decide what needs to be removed, while minimizing damage to healthy tissue. In other words, it gives patients the best shot at preserving quality of life.  

Currently Unfold AI is only available in the United States. To find an available provider visit

How Does Unfold AI Work With the Fusion Bx?

unfold AI fusion Bx workflow
Fusion Bx 2.0 Workflow with Unfold AI

Unfold AI uses PSA, MRI, biopsy and pathology data to generate a cancer estimation map (CEM). The Fusion Bx provides three of four of those data points. After the patient undergoes an MRI, a radiologist contours regions of interest (ROIs) using the Fusion MR software. Then the annotated MRI is uploaded to the Fusion Bx and fused with live ultrasound to create a 3D model of the prostate. This model visualizes the biopsy needle path in relation to the ROIs in real time. After the urologist has sampled the target areas, a pathology report is generated, noting the location of each core. This data is inputted into Unfold AI, along with the MRI and PSA data, to generate the CEM. The map not only helps in determining treatment margins, but is also useful in the planning and guidance of treatments:

  • Active Surveillance* – can help guide repeat biopsies 
  • Prostatectomy – can aid in surgical decision making and planning
  • Focal Therapy* – can determine how much of the prostate to treat
  • Radiotherapy – can help determine focus areas for radiation

*May be facilitated by the Fusion Bx

Unfold AI and the Fusion Bx can help physicians plan and perform treatments more accurately and efficiently. Both products leverage technology to minimize the risk for operator error and eases the learning curve for less experienced physicians. Using machine learning and software assisted fusion allows physicians to achieve expert level knowledge, while reducing any guesswork. By providing accurate treatment margins and using simplified guided workflows, physicians can confidently perform procedures with less training time. Together, these products work to equalize prostate cancer care and ultimately improve patient outcomes.