Distributor Series: Top Geal Co., Ltd.

top geal

Top Geal is a medical equipment distributor specializing in dental and, more recently, urological imaging. Based in Taipei, the company has been serving the Taiwan market for nearly 35 years. Taking care to anticipate customers’ needs, the team regularly visits manufacturers to improve maintenance training and after-sales service. Dedicated to improving the quality of medical care, Top Geal aims to provide the most advanced and reliable equipment with end-to-end customer support.1

In addition to the Fusion Bx, Top Geal also distributes Sonablate products, offering a complete end-to-end solution for prostate cancer. Taking as much pride in the Fusion Bx as we do, we look forward to working with the team at Top Geal to improve prostate cancer care across Taiwan. Historically, the incidence of prostate cancer in Asia has been low and consequently low priority for most men and healthcare systems. With an aging population, increasing urbanization and associated lifestyle changes, diagnoses are now expected to double by 2030. Commonly seen as the “old man’s disease” in Taiwan, early PSA testing is not standardized and symptoms are often ignored or unknown. This has led to more men getting diagnosed at later stages and ultimately higher mortality rates. The timeline from symptoms to diagnosis is about 6 months, with an incidence to mortality ratio of 25%. This means almost 1 in every 4 Taiwanese men die from prostate cancer. Despite the side effects, some men prefer treatment over active surveillance to nix any concerns about progression, treatment options and the impact on daily life. In Taiwan, novel treatments are covered by insurance, but there is still a need for a sensitive and specific test (alternative to DRE and PSA) to tell who should be on active surveillance, who needs a biopsy and who needs aggressive treatment.2,3,4

The Fusion Bx provides accurate diagnostic reports to bridge the gap between screening and treatment. A pre-biopsy MRI identifies regions of interest for biopsy, or if it’s negative, may avoid biopsy altogether. Taking the transperineal approach, the Fusion Bx reduces the number of cores, minimizes the risk of sepsis and provides the foundation for focal therapies like the Sonablate HIFU. The results will help identify more candidates for treatment, giving more men the opportunity to have an improved quality of life. Contact Top Geal to get a hands-on trial of the Fusion Bx for MRI-targeted transperineal biopsies.

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