Distributor Series: NovoMed

NovoMed is a medical distribution company primarily catering to cardiovascular, interventional radiology and other specialty medical device markets. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has been serving the Indian subcontinent since 2011. With a mission to improve quality of care, patient outcomes and satisfaction, NovoMed selectively partners with innovative manufacturers making a difference. The team is specifically trained to meet the needs of healthcare providers, offering exceptional logistics and around the clock support. To make it easier for foreign manufacturers, like Focal Healthcare, the company manages the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) approval process and actively promotes disease awareness/ product launches across a vast network.1

We are proud to partner with NovoMed to provide improved prostate cancer care in all major hospitals across India. The addition of the Fusion Bx to the lineup benefits more than just prostate biopsies; it also complements NovoMed’s existing portfolio. With the Sonablate HIFU, the combined products create a complete end-to-end solution for prostate cancer. 

Relative to the Western world, prostate cancer incidence has been historically low in India, but this is changing. In recent years, incidence rates have been steadily increasing due to increased urban migration, dietary/ lifestyle changes and easier access to medical facilities. Although India’s incidence rate is still lower than North America’s, the survival rate is significantly lower; at 5 years 61.9% vs. 83% and at 10 years 36.2% vs 98%, respectively. A high mortality to incidence ratio is commonly seen in countries with a lower GDP. Low awareness with disparate medical access yields a late diagnosis and cancer that’s harder to treat.2

In India, prostate cancer is extremely challenging to manage because it is such a large country with vast differences in disease demography, practice patterns, access, affordability and availability of treatment modalities.2 Consequently, data reflecting the true incidence of prostate cancer is limited as it is not a notifiable disease and there are only a handful of population-based registries.3 With the advances in imaging and therapies, the prostate cancer landscape has undergone major shifts. Although countries like India have adopted Western guidelines, they have not been as effective. Without adequate documentation or medical resources, physicians have been left with knowledge gaps with fragmented data.2

The Urological Cancer Foundation realized a need to bridge these gaps and conducted the first Indian survey to better understand real-world practice patterns and guide clinicians on optimizing the management of prostate cancer. The increasing incidence trend of men ≥ 65 years old with advanced symptoms presents a high burden on the healthcare system. Growing awareness and organized population-based PSA screening have resulted in early detection, but have come at the cost of overdiagnosis and an increased need for resources. The ESMO and EAU guidelines recommend an individualized risk-adapted strategy, which may be a more effective use in a country with limited resources.2

Increasingly, MRI is used to identify clinically significant prostate cancer, while also reducing false-positives. MRI access and cost are common barriers, but the savings on unnecessary biopsies, treatments and complications can make it cost effective in the long run. NICE guidelines also support this, adding that MRI targeted biopsies are also more efficient because they find cancer faster than systematic. Indian urologists agreed, MRI-targeted with systematic biopsy is preferred when available and affordable.2

With the team at NovoMed, we hope to help bridge the gap with MRI-targeted biopsies that are accurate, efficient and accessible. The Fusion Bx can help healthcare providers implement Western guidelines, reduce the burden of overdiagnosis and ultimately deliver diagnoses faster. Software assisted fusion and the guided 4 step workflow allow physicians to accurately target lesions with minimal training. Compatibility with complementary products like Quantib AI, Avenda Unfold AI and Sonablate HIFU, can help reduce specialists’ workload and improve patient quality of life. Using the same equipment and workflow, the Fusion Bx offers the optionality of transrectal, transperineal and freehand transperineal all at the same price. Contact the team at NovoMed to set a new standard of care with MRI-targeted biopsies.

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