Distributor Series: Healthcare Supply Solutions

distribution series healthcare supply solutions

Healthcare Supply Solutions is a healthcare distributor specializing in radiotherapy and urology. Accredited by the NHS (National Health Services) and HSE (Health Service Executive) Frameworks for Radiotherapy Immobilisation and Consumables, the company serves the UK and Ireland. Based in Birmingham, Healthcare Supply Solutions purposefully sources all products with one key criteria in mind- the future. Putting the patients’ needs first, the experienced team provides top notch customer service, medical experience and commitment to all customers. Dedicated to bringing innovation to life, Healthcare Supply Solutions offers the latest products to the NHS and private sector.1

We look forward to working with Ken and his team at Healthcare Supply Solutions to get the Fusion Bx into the hands of urologists throughout the UK and Ireland. Prostate MRIs are increasingly being practiced across different settings, with widespread use specifically across the UK (offered in 99% of centers pre-COVID). In combination with the “TRexit” movement, the standard of care is moving towards MRI-targeted transperineal biopsies. As the first country to formally recommend MRI for prostate cancer, generally, UK urologists agree that the value of MRI, and reduction of unnecessary biopsies, outweighs the increased cost of scans. Recent advances in biopsy technology are making transperineal biopsies more tolerable for patients and easier for physicians to perform in office. Whether it was in support of “TRexit” or to preserve ICU beds during COVID, LATP (local anesthetic transperineal prostate biopsy) became the most offered biopsy across UK hospitals (80%).2

As prostate MRIs and the “TRexit” movement continue to gain traction, the shift towards MRI-targeted transperineal (TP) biopsies is accelerating. Supporting all workflows, the Fusion Bx eases the transition from transrectal. Ideally suited for LATP (local anesthetic transperineal prostate biopsy), the semi-robotic arm and stepper keep the probe steady in any position, while allowing freehand-like access to the prostate. Reach out to our friends at Healthcare Supply Solutions to get started with the Fusion Bx.

1 Healthcare Supply Solutions. (2021). https://healthcaresupplysolutions.co.uk/

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