Focal Healthcare will be at the Prostate Imaging & Focal Therapy Masterclass

Prostate Imaging & Focal Therapy Masterclass 2019

Focal Healthcare will be participating in the 2019 Prostate Imaging & Focal Therapy Masterclass taking place at the Sir Alexander Fleming Building in London. Join us on April 5-6 for the 2 day masterclass happening in the South Kensington Campus.

The faculty’s teaching objectives over this two day course are, using a mix of traditional discussion and hands-on-training, to provide a practical understanding of:

  • How to carry out and look at multi-parametric MRI scans from the perspective of a non-radiology healthcare professional.
  • Different forms of prostate targeted biopsies including visually directed and MRI/Ultrasound fusion biopsy including when biopsy can be avoided in newly referred patients.
  • Focal treatment principles including learning about the differing focal treatment energy modalities and how to select the appropriate energy for each case.
  • Principles for performing salvage treatments for failure after radiotherapy and focal therapy.
  • The integration of radiology and urology departments for an integrated image-based treatment and diagnostic pathway.