Distributor Series: Exodus Scientific

exodus scientific

Exodus Scientific is a medical equipment distributor specializing in urology and gastroenterology. Located in West Palm Beach, the relatively new company is led by experts with more than 25 years of experience in both the domestic and global medical market. Striving to exceed customer and partner expectations, Exodus Scientific prioritizes innovative technology and quality service. To keep its finger on the pulse, the team is continuously informed by leading specialists, opinion leaders and inter team communication. Offering a range of complementary products at value-based pricing, Exodus Scientific is a one stop shop for all your urology needs.

We are excited to work with the team at Exodus Scientific to deliver the Fusion Bx to practices and hospitals throughout the US. Over the last decade, PSA screening guidelines have changed to reduce overdiagnosis and overtreatment. Although this has led to a significant decrease in low-grade prostate cancer, the incidence of metastases at diagnosis have risen.2 As tools like MRI and AI become more widely available, prostate cancer screening is expanding beyond PSA to incorporate individual risk factors, genetics and MRI. Pioneering routine MRIs for prostate cancer, university hospitals have shown pre-biopsy MRIs are cost effective and, more importantly, an elevated PSA does not have to mean biopsy.3 In tandem with MRI, freehand transperineal biopsies are also pushing towards a new standard of care.

Whether transitioning from transrectal to transperineal or adopting fusion, the Fusion Bx is designed to ease the learning curve. Supporting endfire/ sidefire transrectal, transperineal and freehand transperineal, the Fusion Bx uses the same 4 step workflow for all approaches. With AI support from Quantib Prostate, urologists will see more consistently accurate reads without having to rely on expert radiologists. Contact Exodus Scientific to get started with the Fusion Bx!

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