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Prostate cancer will affect 1 in 7 men.1 The standards for screening and biopsy blindly sample the prostate without knowing where the cancer is, if any. We’re here to set a new standard of care with MRI-targeted fusion biopsies.

Focal Healthcare is a world-class medical device company dedicated to improving the physician and patient experience from prostate cancer diagnosis to treatment.

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Meet the Fusion Bx

With freehand-like access to the prostate, the Fusion Bx helps you accurately target regions of interest.

The Fusion Bx’s semi-robotic arm allows the probe to be maneuvered effortlessly, while maintaining consistent pressure on the prostate. With a freehand-like motion and minimal prostate deformation, the Fusion Bx enables you to accurately locate and target suspicious regions of interest.

Fusion 101

Fusion biopsy technology combines previously taken MRIs with live ultrasound to improve the visibility of suspicious lesions in the prostate. This allows physicians to take fewer cores because lesions can now be targeted. Get to know more about fusion and the Fusion Bx.


For Physicians

Fusion Bx strikes the optimal balance between accuracy and efficiency. 

For Patients

Fusion Bx provides meaningful and actionable results with fewer biopsies.

A few guiding principles

Good design starts with form and function. Great design embodies the principles upon which it is built. Informed by our end users, our products are designed around three key pillars:


Compared to ultrasound imaging, MRI can be considered the “Gold Standard” for detecting lesions. MRI-targeted biopsies with Fusion Bx addresses potential sources of inaccuracy during biopsy procedures by targeting 3 key areas: prostate deformation, patient motion and registration.


Innovative technology doesn’t need to be complicated. Driven by end users, our 4-step guided workflow and semi-robotic arm eases the procedure for both physicians and patients.


Through rigorous testing and a fine attention to detail, we’ve developed a quality cost effective solution for fusion biopsies. Thoughtful engineering, multi-probe compatibility and accommodating customer service makes our system accurate, efficient and accessible to everyone. 

Let us tell you more

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